Int. Transplantation in the UK

Addenbrooke’s is the main teaching hospital for Cambridge University.   The site has been considerably extended over the last 10 years and now hosts many scientific establishments which undertake medical research in collaboration with the hospital. There are plans to extend the site even further and this will make it the largest of its kind in Europe. There are many benefits for patients as the world leading research facilities are also used to help investigate and treat patients.

Addenbrooke’s has a long experience undertaking intestinal transplantation, and it was here that the first such transplantation in the UK was performed in 1991. Since then there has been a steady increase in demand and we have one of the longest surviving multiple organ transplant patients in the world.  The transplant team at Addenbrooke’s includes surgeons, physicians, nurse coordinators, nurses, dietitians,  and scientists, but also many other medical health care personnel who all have a vital role in making the procedure run smoothly. Ward clerks, secretaries, data managers,  researchers, cleaners and managers, all have an essential input. There are also numerous other specialties involved such as Radiology, Nuclear medicine, Microbiology, Histopathology, Intensive care, Anaesthetics, Infectious disease, Psychiatry, Nutrition and Dietetics, physiotherapy and more. It is quite a feat to coordinate all these specialties and this is achieved by our transplant nurse coordinators and junior transplantation specialist registrars and junior doctors under the guidance of the lead consultants.

The concourse at the main hospital entrance is a  particular favourite with our inpatients. It was modeled on an airport departure lounge and provides a sense of normality. There are several shops where you can buy clothes and gifts, groceries and treats, and some excellent coffee bars and food outlets. There is even a hairdressers salon.

At present Addenbrooke’s is the only UK centre to transplant the liver and other organs such as the pancreas and kidneys at the same time as  the intestine. These combined procedures are much more complex than an isolated intestine but the results have nevertheless been as good.

Despite its large size Addenbrooke’s has a friendly and warm atmosphere and our transplant ward (C9) offers a particularly personal approach to patient care, whilst maintaining the highest standard of care.

Cambridge is also  a beautiful city and if you are an inpatient here your visitors will enjoy the opportunity to  have a look a the splendid university buildings and even try punting on the Cam. They may even decide to stay for a few days sight seeing!